Public Health provides services such as Communicable Disease Program, TB Control, Emergency Preparedness, Case Management, Elderly Waiver, Maternal Health, Care Coordination, Child Care Health Consultations, Educational Presentations and Loan Closet.

  Iowa County Public Health Services

Communicable Disease Program
Provides ongoing surveillance and control of significant infectious diseases, such as meningitis, pertussis (whooping cough), and e-coli. Our staff works with medical providers, hospitals, and laboratories to:
Detect and report cases of significant infectious disease.
Investigate the circumstances of each case.
Provide pertinent information to families and communities.
Recommend and implement measures to control the spread of disease
Provide infection-control training to community agencies and organizations.
 Download Fact Sheets for Communicable Diseases

TB Control
We act as a source to provide education and distribution of medication to TB clients within the county.

Emergency Preparedness
The Iowa Department of Public Health works with local, state and federal partners to increase the state’s ability to respond to bioterrorism, infectious disease outbreaks and other public health emergencies. We would like all residents of Iowa County to become a part of this preparedness effort. For simple steps you can take now to be prepared for a public health emergency you can pick up a copy of Protect Iowa Health at the Iowa County Health Department or DOWNLOAD A COPY.

Case Management
This is a program over the entire state that provides coordination of services to all Iowans over the age of 60 at no charge. A Case Manager will assist the client in finding services they need. There are no income or asset guidelines for this.

Elderly Waiver for the Frail Elderly
This is a special program under Case Management which provides a variety of services to keep persons over the age of 65 in their homes longer and safer. Clients have to meet level-of-care and financial guidelines. Services include: homemaker, Lifeline, home delivered meals, frozen meals, transportation, adult day care, and respite. There is a maximum amount that may be spent monthly on the services. Medicaid is also included to help with medical and medicine costs.

Maternal Health Program
This program is available for pregnant women. Services include education about pregnancy, help arranging for delivery, and referrals to other programs.

Care Coordination
This is for children 0-21 years covered by Medicaid.
Referrals and payment vouchers for well child check-ups and dental visits are available.
WIC(Women, Infants, & Children) – Clinics are held twice a month to provide services to pregnant and postpartum women and children from ages birth to 5 years. Services include: nutrition counseling, food coupons, family counseling, lead screenings.
Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa, or hawk-i, is a health insurance program for children. This program is for families who make too much money to receive Medicaid, but who struggle with the financial responsibilities of private insurance plans. Children ages 0-19, whose families meet the income guidelines set forth by the program, are eligible to receive low-cost or free health insurance through the hawk-i program. For more information about hawk-i, visit
You may also call the Iowa County Health Department at (319)741-6422.

Child Care Health Consultant (CCHC)
The child care health consultant’s basic function is to prevent harm and promote optimal health in child care programs. The CCHC will provide educational tools, information, and support to local child care agencies.

Educational presentations on various health issues are available for groups.

Loan Closet
Equipment such as bath benches, walkers, wheelchairs and stool risers are available at no cost as long as the client needs them while they are in their home.


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